Epic 2013 Movie Review

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Epic is a wonderful movie… which will make you excited, laugh and at time sentimental. If you love animation, this is not the one to be missed.

The story revolves around teenage Mary Katherine, whose crazy dad Prof. Bomba is convinced that pint-sized leaf men and similar fantastical creatures reside in the depths of a nearby forest. He spends his entire life researching on these subjects. But her daughter, who doesn’t believe in her, hated him for that as he wanted a normal dad … just like anyone else’s. Of course, he turns out to be correct, and guess what… its Mary – his daughter get to realize this when she is magically shrunk down to their size – eventually getting in a battle between forces for good and the evil, who plans to destroy the mystical small kingdom.

The opening chase and fight sequence, entry of Queen Tara, Prof. Bomba characters are all fun to watch. You will resemble this film quite a lot with Avatar… but that’s not the point. All and all, Epic is a beautiful movie with super animation and emotions. It’s far better than any recently released animation movies such as The Croods or Chhota Bheem.

Having said that, the movie is full of battle and fight scenes and thereby a word of caution for Parents if they are thinking to take their kids… though unlike Chhota Bheem… parents themselves would thoroughly enjoy Epic. It is refreshing to see more and more animated films with female leads – which are not princess fairy tales.

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