Episode 3 Mudda stools

Attributes: Furniture, Outdoor/Gardening, Others

Welcome to the third episode of Hastkala on the streets!

And today, we have found a person who has been selling mudda stools that are made up of Burad (which is a type of Bamboo) for 35 years now!

These stools and chairs can be customized as per your need and they will deliver to you in 2 days after you place your order with them.

Also, a tip, if you have a piece of your favorite clothing or a fabric that you are wanting to add to your home decor, you can repurpose it here on the mudda stools.

P.s: Don’t forget to meet Shivram Marwadi and ask him about the certificate of appreciation that he has received from the Heritage Film Festival.

For more details, you can contact on 9265628832

Address: Near Nehrunagar GSRTC bus stand.

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