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Escape Plan – 3 Shors

What happens when Stallone & Schwarzenegger meet? Well, they fight & land up in a jail 

Ok fine. That was a joke. Bad one?

For those who are in love with 1979 movie, ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ starring Clint Eastwood, this movie may not really appeal; but hello how many of you have really seen that epic? Anyways, Escape Plan is nowhere near that epic, but very interesting nonetheless. The movie is predictable (ya, right … like most of such type of movies are not!) yet high on adrenalin, none of those nail-biting scenes yet keeps you glued to screen, you have heard the story before yet its gripping & different. Worth watching for sure!
Meet Stallone, a prison-break expert, whose job is to find loop holes in high security prison. During one such assignment, he realizes he has been double crossed. He is jailed in a prison, World’s most secured one, that nobody knows the whereabouts of. He meets Arnie, a fellow inmate and starts devising a plan to escape. Will he succeed? Now, that’s a difficult & tricky question … isn’t it?

The dialogues & one liners are nothing you have not heard or you may deliver to show-off. There is not much to talk about the acting skills of our Action Heroes – though you may miss a bit of Original Arnie style. There are a few good ones though. There was one scene where while escaping, Stallone comes across a Live Cam. He turns back to Arnie & yet another inmate and asks them to say ‘Cheese’ to the guards watching them through Cam. Arnie & inmate oblige with a sweet gesture. That was good. Seriously – will remember that scene for few days. The actions sequences are neat. The intelligence & logic shown to break out of the prison, is totally buy-able unless you belong to the Great Holmes Family 

All in all, a movie worth watching.

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