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Time and again, it is important to break away from the routine churn of the mills! Especially when the routines start taking a toll on our physical and mental health. If you feel, it is time to get away from the smog, rush, run of the city- The Country Retreat, Ranakpur, VPO - Bankli, Teh. Sumerpur, Dist. Pali, Rajasthan - 306902. For Bookings call on: 7742919278


Spread over a whopping 130 acres of lush farmland, it is a boutique Farm-stay set in the rustic beauty of the countryside located 320 kms from Ahmedabad near Ranakpur Rajasthan. Away from the chaos of city, away from exhausting duties and closer to nature's laps you get to spend the day at peace & fun simultaneously. Well, there is still a lot more to it, than what you can expect!


Farm-stay at a remote location, lip-smacking meals, exotic birds, star-studded skies, experience all this and much more.!  Visit Cave Temple for amazing views or just ride a tractor, there is so much to do here for a lifetime experience.


No vacation is complete without lip-smacking food and we are well aware of this fact. Our in-house kitchen prides in serving up some wondrous Indian as well as Regional Specialities. Simply enjoy tucking into local delicacies, you’ll be amazed with the mouth-watering preparations and treats served to you while at this retreat.


The holiday can be a complete relaxed one or one can explore various excursions that we offer. From spotting leopards to riding a tractor at the farm, one has a chance to experience complete offbeat activities for lifetime memories.


The rooms are a perfect blend of vintage and modern elements…On one hand a regal touch offers you the quintessence experience of Rajasthan and on the other hand it’s ensured you don’t feel the absence of any modern day amenity.


The tranquility of this place is an experience beyond the capability of explanations by mere words! To sum it up, here is a gist of activities that you can do over here:

Jeep Safari & Cave Temple Visit

Night Safari in the Farm

Ranakpur Jain Temple

Leopard Safari

Birdwatching & Breakfast at Wetland

Tractor Ride & Cycling


Address- THE COUNTRY RETREAT FARMSTAY, VPO - Bankli, Teh. Sumerpur, Dist. Pali, Rajasthan - 306902

Contact- 7742919278


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