Ethereal, ravishing & tasteful traditional wear by MONA VORA

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Learn the art of making a stunning first impression at every occasion with outstanding traditional clothes by MONA VORA displayed at the inimitable ANTARA COUTURE STORE  at 10, Pushpak Hill, besides Anay gallery, opposite prahladnagar garden, Prahlad Nagar from the 1st to 10th January between 10:30 am to 7:30 pm. 


If I use the words elegant, refined and stunning, I guarantee that the first thing that will come to your mind is our rich heritage and our oh so very truly traditional clothes. No matter how forward and modern the world might get, nothing suits a woman better than our own time tested garbs and apparels; a perfect emblem of poise, sophistication and a reflection of old customs and values. There's something alluring and enticing about those effervescent colours and the aesthetic beauty that they ooze out, isn't it? 


Exactly why this revolutionary label has always strived to come up with the most extensive array of clothes aimed at changing the perception of the masses towards fusion wear single handedly and pretty gloriously at that too! Amazing colours, modish designs that retain a dash of tradition, eccentric patterns and mind blowing embroidery are just some of the characteristics that make this mesmerising label stand out from the rest of their dowdy adversaries. 


Known for adding a distinctive touch of flair and panache, MONA VORA believes in putting a whole lot of love and care into her flawless designs and the clothes reflect that to the T. The silhouettes are flowy, the garments unique and the finishing utterly accurate and precise. What more do you need? Without further ado or blabber, I am just going to ask you to look at the pictures and drool your heart out! 


Go to ANTARA COUTURE STORE now and have a chance to witness the most exquisite clothes at this beautiful gallery and bask in the ambient lights and the full fledged burst of colour! Look your beautiful best at all given points of time and ensure that all eyes are on you only with MONA VORA. See you there! 



Date: 1st to 10th January 2017

Time: 10:30 am to 7:30 pm 

Venue: ANTARA COUTURE STORE,10, Pushpak Hill, besides Anay gallery, opposite prahladnagar garden, Prahlad Nagar.

Contact: 9328679000 | 079 4032 2910

Tags: Ethereal, ravishing & tasteful traditional wear by MONA VORA!

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