Even the display at Style Code will mesmerise you!

Attributes: Lightings and Fans, Outdoor/Gardening, Lighting & Lamps

A house is made of walls and beams.. A home is made of love and dreams..

If love and dreams take centre stage in your  dwelling too then you definitely need some spotlights to highlight those. We see it as something beyond  lighting solutions. What they have immaculately displayed are tools to infuse warmth and romance rather than just fixtures and fittings. When we stepped in we were ushered into a space no less than a cosmic playground where each and every piece seemed mysteriously enchanting and worthy of a dreamy home.

Art galleries use lighting to highlight art pieces but when the light pieces themselves become objects of art... They leave onlookers not only inspired but intrigued. That's pretty much what this huge store does to you when you take a slightest peep just from the outside.

Just as awe inspiring the store display is, the attendants extend that special care and make sure you are spoilt for choice. You'll cherish the whole buy even more when a prompt team of electricians appear at your doorstep for a hassle free fitting.

Your home ain't a usual place and this ain't any usual shopping. At STYLE CODE, it's an experience. Indulge now!

Address: 2nd Floor Venus Atlantis, Prahaladnagar, Ahmedabad

Contact: +91-9727522822 | +91-9726037597

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