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Capsicum! This restaurant specializes in always delivering something extravagant and this time out it is their EXCEL BUFFET, which starts from the 23rd of this month till the 3rd of November! At budget price they are offering a huge spread for you to relish. Literally HUGE! We assure you the amount and array of delicacies that Capsicum has featured, on their huge spread of a buffet - with all items being Pure Vegetarian you won't get the same anywhere in Ahmedabad.

Capsicum is not your regular buffet restaurant. This open air eatery offers three spreads throughout the day with the concept of Dip & Dine; Brunch, Lunch and Dinner, as per your feasibility along-with an Indoor Games Zone. You can even book their lawn or their enclosed hall for a private dining experience for a minimum of 30 people and a maximum of 50.

Ice cold Beverages, piping hot Soups, Six Salads of varying texture and taste, Seven varying kinds of scrumptious Chats, along-with the best of Chinese, Mexican & Italian, their range when it comes to Punjabi Cuisine is worth an applause. 14! Yes, they serve FOURTEEN Punjabi specialities. Isn't that something? And Desserts? Eight of them for you to relish. Khaa khaa ke thak jaoge! To top it all off, they also offer Popcorn and Espresso Coffee for you to munch and sip about out in the open in the midst of nature, with your near and dear ones.

To top it all of, just about everything will be cooked right in front of your eyes. You will have the luxury of getting you green salad diced right in front of you so, your question about freshness is answered there and there. From Pastas To Noodles to Quesadillas, you name it, they will make the same for you. When it comes to Punjabi, you can do a permutation and combination of any subzi with any curry of your choice and the chef will prepare the same as per your requirement for you to enjoy. With the live counters, diners can be a part of the cooking experience witnessing their starters and other dishes being prepared while they are eating.

When it comes to the quality of food, Capsicum has always been spot on. Starters are placed on skewers that are placed over the grills, with chutneys and sauces to dip them in. The vegetarian sheekh kebab is well-cooked, they also do superbly spiced tandoori mushrooms and their tandoori vegetables, namely; Corn, Cauliflower, Onions, Capsicums are also quite nice and succulent.

When you have had enough of the starters, move to the other spread which is pretty sumptuous as well. They have various Indian breads served hot on the table to munch about with the Punjabi treat that you have 'prepared. Among the desserts, don't miss the Kunafa which is remarkably good and cool.

Drive down to Capsicum during these holidays to be a part of a never-seen-before buffet experience which starts from the 23rd of this month till the 3rd of November. Cheers.

Address: Capsicum Cafe N Restaurant, C/O Whistling Meadows Resort and Lawns, Opp Nirma university, Modi Shikshan Sankool lane, Off S G highway
Contact: +91-9558809076, +91-8347012836

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