Exclusive, designer & colourful footwear by Blinkk

Attributes: Footwear, Exhibition, Heels/Boots, Flat Bottoms, Formal Shoes

With the wedding season fast approaching and everyone talking about wedding apparels and wedding jewelry, Blinkk by Vasavi Vyas takes away our worries for the wedding seasons fashion footwear needs! 

Blinkk by Vasvi Vyas, the footwear brand that we have told you in the past is booming with its all time new and trendy collection.  Vasvi has always thought of bringing something new and unique in traditional and western footwear and that's what makes her brand stand out.

And this time Blinkk has introduced men's hand embroidered loafers and mojadis

Blinkk showcases it’s exquisite, colourful and trendsetting range of fashion footwear apt for the upcoming wedding season. Whether you like it colorful or simple yet elegant, at Blinkk you'll get all the choices and designs.

And all you men out there, why should you not be putting your best foot forward. With Blinkk at your rescue, choose from a wide range of loafers and mojadis that would look just perfect with your traditional outfit. 

Customization! Well, isnt that the best option for clothes? But at Blinkk you can get your choice of footwear customized. Wow, that's something we always wish for. A dress with customized matching footwear.

About the styles, it depends on what suits you the best. You can buy from a wide range of Kolhapuri, High Heels Sandals, Flip Flop Style, Traditional Chappals and many more. Don’t worry about the size. As they customize, they can make the footwear for your size in any design you want.

Address: BLINKK, 1-Sunview Apartments, opp Purnanand Ashram, near Ishwar Bhuvan, Commerce Six Roads, Navrangpura,

Contact: 9726811777


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