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Firstly, don’t consider us crazy as we are informing you about an exhibition which is happening in October this year. There is always a logical reason for whatever we do and it’s nothing different for this article as well.
For the first time in CityShor’s history, we are inviting everyone in the Kids business – whether you are operating from home or a big store- to seriously consider exhibiting your stuff in this exhibition. We are talking about Gujarat’s best, biggest and the most comprehensive kids’ exhibition called Baby’s Day Out. For those who have been to this event before, you already know the reach, potential and power of this exhibition; however, for newbees, let us give you a quick summary about what Baby’s Day Out is.
Well, this exhibition is one of the most awaited ones of the year. Reason being – It is the ONLY exhibition of this kind and it happens only once in a year. It has designers from all over India showcasing everything and anything under the sun that you can think of for kids between 0 to 12 years!!! Though the list is endless, we are jotting down few things from last year’s exhibition for your quick reference.
-    Casual wear for kids - Denims, Frocks, Skirts, Shorts, Shirts & Tees
-    Festive wear
-    Party Wear
-    Trendy Shoes
-    Lots of Accessories-  Bags, Trolleys, Pouches, Water Bottles, Lunch boxes etc.
-       Wrapping Papers, Table Mats, and lots interesting stationery,
-        Kids Jewellery
-        Books, Educational Games, Toys!
-        Scrapbooking
-        Return Gifts & Party Favors
-        Study Tables, Chairs, Outdoor Furniture, Wall Decals, etc
You don’t get to see such events everyday. Don’t believe us – well check out the photos and tell us if we are wrong.
So if you are doing something spectacular for the kiddos- doesn’t matter if you have just started your business, or you are a new entrant to the market, or an established kid’s brand- or if your target segment is those mommies – there’s no better place than Baby’s Day Out.
We know that festive season is coming closer and you may have already made plans to promote your products in different ways – well keep doing whatever you have planned but just ensure that you don’t miss out on Baby’s Day Out.

October 11th and 12th
Venue: Diamond Hall, Rajpath Club

Contact: 09824001951

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