Exhibition & Auction of Art created by 1.5 to 10year Olds!

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The unique Art Exhibition by 1.5 to 10years old children will be on from 3rd November, Friday to 5th November, Sunday at Kanoria Center For Arts (Navrangpura) from 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM. A highlight of the event will be an auction of children’s Lippan Artworks on Sunday, 5th November from 5.30 pm onwards. The proceeds of the same will go to charity. Contact- 82002 96268 / 99099 09992


Art-Immersion is an exhibition on perspectives and work of pre-schoolers highlighting the significance of Art and its role in Learning. Moreover, “Lippan Art” & “Personal History” is a display of children’s ideas and work powered by a Multiple Intelligences and Project based Approach to Learning.


For holistic development of children, it is important to feed their natural curiosity, enabling them to interact, question, investigate, problem-solve, communicate, and reflect during their learning journey. For this, it is also important to provide them with learnings that extend beyond the classroom to each student’s home, community, nation and the world.


“Art-Immersion” is an exhibition that emphasizes on the power of learning through art for young children. The exhibition captures the journey and work of pre-school children and is the outcome of five week research projects conducted by the children under the guidance of teacher-facilitators. On display during the exhibition will be young children’s perspectives & work through drawings, clay models, 3D models, stories, rhymes, riddles, photos, videos, installations, and much more.


Another key purpose of the exhibition is to display the learning processes & development of children undertaken through the project-based learning approach.  Children and Adults of all ages will find the exhibition interesting and useful.


This event is brought to us by Redbricks Education Foundation. Redbricks Education Foundation is a not-for-profit institution led by a passionate group of entrepreneurs and educators. At Redbricks, the focus is to provide high quality education with a core focus on a balanced, child-centric and experience-based pedagogy.


Date- 3rd to 5th November, 2017

Time- 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM

Address- Kanoria Center For Arts, Navrangpura.

Contact- 82002 96268 / 99099 09992

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