Experience Goa in A'bad at AQVA - The poolside restaurant

Cuisines: Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Punjabi

Filters: Vegetarian Only, Outdoor seating

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Don't you think that just about everyone has a never-dying wish to make a trip down to Goa? But, sadly it isn't necessary that everytime your bud claims 'Chal Goa chalte hai yaar' actually leads to making a trip down there.
Well, calm down and let PLEASURE CLUB work it's magic over you for, AQVA - The poolside restaurant indeed radiates a vibe that will definitely take that 'chill' factor, up a notch; All near Krishna Shalby Hospital, Bopal-Ghuma Road.

Beneath the stars, this hidden poolside restaurant is indeed a gem, that says 'GOA' in Bold when it comes to it's look and vibe; Making you fall in love with it from the time you step in. At least, we did.
Right from the gentle breeze lightly kissing your cheeks, to the soft murmur of the water flowing by, to the mellow lights that have spruced up the entire area; The place not only takes you away from blaring noise of the city but, will also turn your rough day into a good one and your good day into awesome!

And what makes the place simply perfect is the fact that not only is their ambiance great but, their food is delicious to the T.
Be it their refreshingly awesome MOJITO, or their lovely take on a TOMATO SOUP, both make for a fitting start for the ever-so-delicious HARA BHARA KEBABS, or even the PANEER TIKKA for that matter; Making for some staple indulgence.

Did we tell you, that they also screen Football or Cricket matches on the biggest Screen in Ahmedabad? Adding one more feather to their already loaded cap! With the IPL kickstarting, AQVA - The poolside restaurant is the place to be for for those looking to really kick back and unwind.
And hey! A 10 on 10 by us, should be 'nuff said'. Cheers.

Address: Pleasure Club, near Krishna Shalby Hospital, Bopal-Ghuma Road, Ahmedabad.

Contact: 9925438377 | 8238890000

You can also follow them on Facebook, for the latest updates: www.facebook.com/Theaqva

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