Experience the magic of Mother Nature. Rannutsav 2018-19

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When we talk about the grandeur of Mother Nature, words fall short. No matter how much progress we mortals achieve, but there is something about Mother Nature that we will never be able to comprehend nor compete.

Rannutsav is one such event, when experienced, leaves us with a feeling of awe. It is at that precise moment that we understand that there are things beyond our imagination & reach, there are things that are beyond words & description, and that there are things which make us believe, in beauty & power of Mother Nature.

So folks, as clichéd it may seem, we urge you to experience this magical moment. Go ahead and book your stay today with Rajashri Travels.

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This February, when the full moon shines on the white sands of Kutch, when the cold breeze gently peels off the mundane you and reveals a newer you, go ahead and experiencing inner bliss. Eyelids won’t flicker, breath won’t be heard, time won’t tick and the surreal becomes real. With the calm of the desert on one side and the music of the sea on other, it’s nature at the very best, each of nature’s elements, playing their part in a symphony created by the master himself.

The Rann of Kucth is the largest salt desert in the world spread over 7505 sq meters. Beyond the nature is the festival of colors, music and art.

With a rich history of centuries of tradition of music and art, Kutch promises to be a rich and a well preserved experience. An experience that will stay with you, an experience that will change you!!

The best deals for Rann Utsav 2018-19, by Rajshri Travels | Call today, 78748 21212, 99136 81212

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