Explore the Poetries Made with Flowers at Annual Flower Show

Amdavadis, you all must have visited Teen Darwaja and University Clock Tower but what if you can see them made out of flowers? Oh yes! You read it right. So, the Annual Flower Show on the Sabarmati River front is open for visitors now! This show will remain open from 10 am to 9 pm, from 3rd January to 13th January and it does have the aforesaid structures made from nothing but flowers!

This 2017 edition of the show is nothing but magnificent. It is spread over an area of 2.2 km. The show will be a display space for more than 800 species of flowers, plants, bonsai, vegetable plants and trees with lake and fountain. Four main parts of the show are:
1. Plant showcase garden
2. Greenhouse
3. Play area
4. Lake

There are other attractions as well:

Teen Darwaja: The permanent attraction of Ahmedabad is showcased at the Annual Flower Show in a different way. It is decorated and made more scenic using different themes.

University Clock Tower: This tower is made out of two types of mehndi plants. Red and green hue of the Mehendi shrubs literally bring this tower to life!

Beautiful lady: A lady wearing a long gown is a heart of this show. This gown is made out of three different flowers. You will definitely skip a heartbeat when you will see this sculpture.

Olympic sculptures: They have also displayed different Olympic games like shooting, weight lifting, swimming, cycling, hand ball, archery and others by using different combinations of flowers.

Moreover, at this flower show, you would also witness the live demonstration of green house along with enchanting floral structures made in the shape of butterflies, cars, umpteen animals.

While you visit this show, make sure to check out the Aranya Vibhag as well as they have various other setups made which are complemented with

Even there is one “Aranya Vibhag”, where you will be able to click your beautiful pictures with different setups and sound effect as well.

There is are engagement activities for children also including, car riding, live drawing competition, free plastic vase for primary school student.

So, do visit this magnificent and one of its kind showcase and feel all charged up!

Dates: 3rd January to 13th January
Timings: 10 am to 9 pm
Address: Sabarmati Riverfront, Behind VS
Entry Fee: Free

Author and Picture Credit: Drashti Thakkar


Tags: annnual flower show, exhibition

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