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If you are fond of heritage or vintage artifacts then Vechaar Utensils Museum must be on your list of places to visit. The acronym vechaar stands for vishalla environmental center for heritage of art architecture and research. Vechaar is a charitable trust and non-government organization, located in a very popular village theme restaurant called Vishalla. 

The museum is very rich in its heritage and collection of utensils collected from various parts of India and other countries. The wide range of big pots of mud, animal shaped artifacts and an open space with greenery marks an exclusive entry for the museum.

 In addition to this, there is a corner for white ducks and unique designed objects made of steel waste. The assortment of various metal utensils consists of several elements such as stainless steel, copper, mud, wood, bronze, glass, brass, zinc and German silver. The ancient metal utensils such as vadhi badna, ritual pot, pitchers, lamps, betel boxes, incense burners, stirrups, graneries, puja material, achamani, huge locks, glass wares, kitchen wares like big cookers, matka are also displayed here.

The art and craftsmanship of these ancient utensils could hardly be compared with the modern age utensils. That is why it is so different and exquisite. There is another section of nutcrackers exhibited ranging in different shape and size. All of the ancients utensils are presented inside the hut shaped interior which has an open space in the middle having a small temple of Lord Shiva. The museum also displays Taj Mahal made up of 70000 matchsticks worth seeing it for its detailed work. 

As it is quoted by Renzo Piano “A museum is a place where one should lose one’s head”. It is totally apt for Vechaar Utensils Museum. The artistry and sculpture of ancient utensils is hardly beatable by those made in the modern age. Hence, preservation of the utensils and numerous artifacts is well taken care of at this museum. So, if you are going for an outing, or on a day off then you must choose this place for exploration and for spending quality time with your family!

Address:  Within the vicinity of Vishalla Restaurant, Vasna, Ahmedabad
Timing: From 2:00pm to 10:30pm (Monday Closed)
Entry Fees:  Rs. 20 for adults, Rs.10 for child (3-11 years) and Rs. 50 for foreigners

Author Credit: Eshita Dayani

Picture Credit: Gujarat Tourism and Eshita Dayani

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