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Are you tired of your cliched cafes, wherein you head down to simply munch on a Pizza or Fries? Well, why not make your way down to TOILET CAFE, for a unique experience, wherein you also get to learn about sanitation, while sipping on a hot cuppa; All at Safai Vidhyalay, besides Mahatma Gandhi Ashram, Ashram Road.

Built by Jayeshbhai Patel, the cafe serves some lovely Chai, Coffee, and Tit-Bits, with a simple (read 'hatke') notion wherein you get to gorge on your favourite goodies, on toilet seats, making for an experience like no other.
The subtle aim behind the entire vibe is to spread awareness to create a healthy feeling for the ‘safai karigars’ and treat them as an equal part of the society.

More so, the cafe's (actual) toilets, have a unique idea of their own, wherein they follow the concept of “USE and GET PAID” instead of “PAY and USE”; So, every time you lighten yourself, you are paid a neat sum of Rs 2!

Right from ministers, to politicians, businessmen and NGOs gather at Toilet Café for meetings; And often, a projector is kept in the Toilet Garden where people sit together to watch movies in the evenings, making it quite a hub to be at.

Talking about it's initiation, the cafe is inspired from the social cause of creating sanitation awareness made in year 2010 in Safai Vidhyalay. The motivation for the cafe comes from the Toilet Garden developed in 1967 by Ishwarbhai Patel (Jayeshbhai's father) who is often remembered as Mr. Toilet of India and the founder of Safai Vidhyalay. The Toilet Garden is a model of different types of toilets made, according to the needs and preferences in different regions of India.
Apart from that, Safai Vidhyalay has bathrooms under different names and the bio-gas produced from it's waste is used for electricity and cooking. Even the World Bank approved the model of ‘low cost sanitation’ developed at Safai Vidhyalay afterwhich 5,00,000 toilets have been made in Gujarat.

With a staff that is more than willing to show you around the wonderful place, when are you making your way down to TOILET CAFE, to simply chill on a pot?

Address: TOILET CAFE, Safai Vidhyalay, besides Mahatma Gandhi Ashram, Ashram Road, Old Wadaj, Ahmedabad.

Contact: 079-27558052 

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