Extend your holidays at Polo Forest!!!

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Papa, mummy, masa, masi, foi, fuaji, dada, dadi, mama, mami, bhai, behen and all your dostar’s!!!!

This extended Weekend …. Extend your holidays at Polo Forest!!!

Get together and pack your bags. Share the happiness and the festivities in nature’s lap. Move away from the clutter of the city and enjoy the beauty and serenity of mother nature!!!

The concrete jungle and the life within have its limitations. I mean, we all can take it to a limit. Beyond which we have to break free and get our spirits rejuvenated.

The past few weeks have been really hectic for many of us. Juggling between professional and personal commitments and to top it all the preparation for the festivities. Festivities all though have their charm but they take a toll on our spirits. With all the shopping, cleaning, attending the guest and the list is endless. The feeling at the end of the day is that of being extremely tired and not being able to enjoy the holidays.

Trust us, the feeling is mutual. But don’t worry, CityShor is here to whisk you away to a land of beauty.

A land not so far far away. A beautiful and natural get away. 150 kms, from Ahmedabad in the hilly area’s of Vijaynagar, is Polo Forest.

Don’t be surprised. Yes, there is something as unique as Polo Forest and that too at a driving distance from Ahmedabad and its not for the namesake. Reach the venue and all that you see around is tall trees, huge mountains, chirping birds, greenery and different types of species and insects. And in middle of this forest there are temples as old as 15th Century. You will be stunned to see the carvings on ancient temples like Sharneshwar, Panchaytan, etc.

As Polo forest is not one of those ‘most visited’ tourist spot, you don’t get to see hotels and resorts like other tourist places. We stayed at a place called “Polo Retreat.” This place is right in middle of the forest & foggy mountains. Surrounded by tribal hamlets, with their own life, Polo Retreat offers you a blend of Gujarati-Rajasthani hospitality. People who love trekking and hiking should definitely stay at a place like this as it gives you a raw feel that a trekker would always want. The food here can be of your choice but they have only two types of cuisine Gujarati & Rajasthani.

Enjoy the holidays as they should be. Enjoy the holidays with your family…!!!

Happy Diwali, Happy Holidays!!!

Address: Polo Retreat, Village Abhapura, Idar-Ambaji road, Taluka-Vijaynagar

For bookings contact Mr. Nihir Parikh on 9426064448. Prior bookings need to be done for the stay at Polo Retreat.

Email on: poloretreat@gmail.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PoloRetreat

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