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Girls are so lucky! They have plenty of options to choose from in terms of clothing but boys, oh god, it’s just limited to T-Shirt, Shirt, Pants or Shorts! And girls, the options are unlimited. One piece, Shorts, Palazzo pants, Jeans, Long/Short Skirts, Kurtis and the list is endless.

Well, this article is especially for the boys! It’s ok if you have less options to choose from, what matters is style! If you are stylish and know how to carry yourself, anything would suit you! Guys, there is a lot to explore in Ahmedabad and you never know from which shop you can find what. Yes, that’s what happened when we went to Fashionista! This small shop gave us plenty of amazing options to choose from!

Do you want something for office wear? Their linen shirts are just the best and not to forget that they are perfect for summer. Funky T-shirts! They have almost all the colors like red, blue, green, white and many more. With some amazing print on those T-Shirt, give yourself a different look rather than being common! Summer and love of all the boys, shorts! Light green, black, blue, red, yello and many other colors are available there.

Why not wear a collarless shirt? Yes, ask them for a collarless shirt and you would just fall in love with that style! Wear it on a cotton pant or a jeans and your other friends will definitely ask you the address! Not to forget about the boxers! We loved the prints! Get rid of those common boxers. The fabric, print & the colors are really cool! So why keep it simple and cry that only girls have options to choose from?

You can also get some amazing collection for yourself and that too at very affordable rates. We told you how to style yourself and now it’s time to change that typical fashion.

Go grab it at Fashionista! 

25 Balaji Avenue,
Opposite Sunrise Mall, Mansi Circle,
Judges Bungalow Road,
Ahmedabad 380013

Contact: 9033596760


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