Fast And Furious 6 Movie Review

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What is Fast & Furious series all about … Chases, Stunts, One-liners, Action … and then some more action. And then this time they added a bit more action in it:)

Well, the movie lives up to its image of stunts & chases. There are scenes you can’t afford to miss. At times the stunts seem directly out of those action cartoon series. Just too unbelievable; but hello, isn’t that what you have been looking forward for? How is the story? Are you kidding me? Who needs a story in a movie like this?

Michelle (Letty) is back from dead, has lost her memory (& her mind) and so, Vin Diesel takes up the assignment by Dwayne (The Rock). Since their heist in Rio where they ‘earned’ 100 million dollars, the entire family (crew) has scattered across globe with police running behind them. Vin takes up the assignment by Dwayne to get Letty back in family and to win “Pardon” for other family members so they can live without any fear of law. Vin’s assignment is to outsmart, track and stop Shaw, the mastermind who runs a lethal organization across globe. He calls for Paul & others and hits the street to hunt for Shaw. Will Vin & team be able to stop Shaw? How? Will somebody die? Will Letty be back in family?

Overall, F&F6 is a movie full of superbly directed stunts, better than average punch of one-liners and feeble yet not boring story. Must watch, we say, for all stunt-lovers!

Rating : 3.5 out 5

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