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Direction, Story and Screenplay: Nitin Kakkar

Cast: Sharib Hashmi, Inaamulhaq, Kumud Mishra, Gopal Dutt

Music: Arijit Dutta

India is a nation that is crazy about two things, Cricket and Films. The former has hardly helped create any friendship between the two countries but the latter has given something to people of both nationalities to cherish! Director Nitin Kakkar takes this love for films in both the nations and creates a satire named Filmistaan. 

The film is a dream come true for every film-buff and leaves a sweet message of friendship over films throughout. There is not a single moment is this satire which dull or which does not speak of humanity. Emotions in this film are not at all filmy but are very much natural and that’s what makes this film very much enjoyable.

A wannabe actor Sunny Arora from Mumbai joins a group of American short film-makers after being rejected in many auditions. The story picks up right from the word go when he gets kidnapped mistakenly by a few Pakistani terrorists. Surprisingly he finds a friend who is a Bollywood lover in the house where he has been kept under constant check.
It is the innocent yet daring nature of Sunny that captures viewers’ attention and the bond he develops with the other people around through films. What happens next is best to be watched on-screen. Film sometimes feels slow when nothing happens, but there is something in every scene that captures your attention.

Story and the screenplay gives the director a lot of room to showcase candid yet tense moments with the Pakistani citizens and terrorists, and he does it with brilliance. Check out the scene in which Sunny steals the machine gun and mimics various Indian actors to entertain the kids around.

Sharib Hashmi is in terrific form as a wannabe, adorable, witty yet a passionate Sunny Arora. Inaamulhaq, as Aftaab who pirates Indian films in Pakistan, is another actor to watch out for, especially for the camaraderie with Sunny Arora.

All in all, this National Award winning film is a must watch for a nice theme executed brilliantly by the entire crew along with heart-felt performances by the entire cast.

3.5 Shor out of 5.

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