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Monsoons are the best time to travel, aren’t they? Especially around the hills on a trek, that’s just a dream come true for nature lovers! Diving Deep is here to give you an experience to get involved in learning about untamed wilderness. Their Monsoon Hideout trek is one day hiking retreat at the forest of Panchmahal-Jambughoda on 23rd July and 30th July.

This trek will be led by mountaineers, hiking experts and local forest community leaders on behalf of Diving. Participants will explore about trails, trail skills, outdoor skills, hiking gears, safety & first aid, nature-connection exercises, hiking yoga, organic agriculture delights and responsible eco-tourism aspects. The trek is designed to explore wild trails, spiritual features of forests, forest community lifestyle and different gradients of rocky areas in Jambughoda through various techniques of hiking & trekking. Get close to the nature and simply set yourself free from all the hustle of the city! 

Heard about pre-trek orientation?  Diving Deep is going to give you an insight into their activities and brief you about the trek, because they want you to be extremely responsible while you are a part of this trek. Trekkers are strictly requested to not bring any plastics or food-packs or nutri-packs. Diving Deep also wants trekkers to enjoy the entire trail experience and have digital-detox. During hiking and trekking for safety as well as to evoke silence everyone will avoid cameras and mobile phones.

What are you waiting for? Want to have some peace with yourself? Nurture your own self and be a part of this trek!


10 years and above

Reporting point:

Income Tax cross roads, Ashram road at 4:00 AM

Fees: 990/- INR


For more information,

Call: 09824684886, 08487033925 | Mail:

Also register online through :

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