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We told you about a big place at Danilimda to get some antique furniture. This time we tell you about a really small shop with some very interesting vintage stuff.

Have you seen Gramophones or wooden antique telephone with circular dial? You might have, but in working condition? Well, that’s very rare and “Fine Art” is the shop where you would be able to get something like this.

Alright, these are just the two things that we have talked about. Fine Art is full of antique items that they have filled the entire shop with some big and small stuff. It can be hooks for the doors, statues, tiny very tiny fans, small bon china cups, very old cameras, lady shaped old 40s bottle, radio, pretty chandeliers with angels on them or with brass carving, lamp shades, table lamps etc. etc etc.

It was fascinating to find some books of old movies which had the movie stories, songs and some photographs inside. Not to forget that everything is not in working condition, however; we would love to buy them to look our home or office amazingly vintage type. There were thousands of items in Fine Art that are difficult to remember as the whole shop including the ceiling, four corners and outer area is full with these all and more things. This is run by a very normal guy Naushad bhai and the rates are also decent.

We are sure, you would love a visit to Fine Art at least once and you will fall in love with the antiques.


Fine Arts
1st floor,
Besides Bank of Baroda,
Vadilal ice cream parlor,
Opp Gujarat Handicrafts, Danilimda,
Ahmedabad - 380028

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