Fitness with fun this summer with Extreme Fit

Yes, you read it right, we’re talking about fitness in this scorching summer. Sounds a bad idea to go and shed some extra drops of sweat working out in this stifling atmosphere? Well, believe us it’s not a bad idea when it’s something quite distinct and much more interesting than doing same old workouts confined in the boring four walls of the gym.

While on the lookout for some soothing hangout at the end of the day, we came across this super cool place called Extreme Fitness. The name and the glimpse of this Open-Air fitness center were enough to intrigue and draw us in. Undeniably, it is a first-of-its-kind Outdoor Fitness Training Destination conceptualized on revolutionizing fitness training in Ahmedabad.

Spread in 3500 sq. yards., the arena redefines fitness training by fusing thrill, adventure, challenges and fun in the regimes that are beyond the conventional. Let us break the suspense on how Extreme Fitness is appealingly unique. It offers world’s popular CrossFit Training & Obstacle Training, Bootcamp, Outdoor Training, Strength and Conditioning Programmes, Kids Workouts, Corporate & Group Workshops among other fitness drills that include Yoga and customized training for athletes, adventurers and sports professionals.

These trainings, imparted by professionally trained trainers, are not only focused on building unbeatable strength, stamina and physique but are also aimed at building mental health, flexibility, body balance and endurance for complete fitness through use of tools and equipment like ropes, tyres, weight balls and obstacles to name a few. As they say – it’s grueling, grueling fun to make people tough and not just fit.

Did we tell you that beginning 1st of April, they are coming up with a several fitness-with-fun activities and programmes for all age groups? They are holding a 2-month summer camp for kids to engage the little ones in physical activities like running, jumping, climbing, rolling and what not. Not that’s a perfect idea to keep kids away from mobile and video games and involve them in some fun on the ground.

If you ever wished to learn Tai Chi, that famous graceful art of Self Defense from China or Jiu Jitsu, the Japanese Martial Art; then now you know where to go. This summer, Extreme Fitness has introduced these and many other training programmes in Mixed Martial Arts, Kalaripayattu (the Oldest form of Martial Art from Kerala), Kalari Power Yoga and Gymnastics.

Nothing could get better than this – all the fitness conscious and fun freaks of Ahmedabad now have a treasure of activities to indulge in under one roof. Or should we say under one sky!

So people..get tough, stay fit and have fun.

Address: Extreme Fitness, YMCA Club to Bopal 100 Ft road, Off SG Highway, Makarba
Days Open: Monday to Saturday
Timings: Morning: 5to10
Evening: 5 to 10 
Contact: 9979866651

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