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Did you know that approximately 80% of patients occasionally miss their medicine dose? Why? The reasons are many –

  1. They may have forgotten to order the medicine.
  2. Lost their prescription
  3. Find it tedious to consult a doctor for a prescription.
  4. Medicines are unavailable with the local pharmacy.
  5. Decided to stop taking the medicine because they think they feel better Or,
  6. Stopped their medicine because it is too expensive to purchase

The above-mentioned six reasons are quite common. We often hear our elders take it lightly when it comes to timely intake of medicines and purchasing them. What is even more dangerous is that they often do not have their prescription and think it perfectly fine as their local pharmacy offers them medicines without one.

However, what patients, their caregivers, and their families don’t realize is that something as innocuous as skipping medicine dosage can also adversely affect their health let alone stopping it altogether. Medicines, like overall healthcare, is expensive, but this does not mean that one deprives themselves of a chance at better health due to rising costs.

To bridge this gap between expenses, prescribed medication, availability and good health, online pharmacy aggregator PharmEasy has a considerable role to play. With the core belief of ‘accessible healthcare for all,’ through their mobile app (available on Android and iOS), PharmEasy offers the following benefits:

  1. All medicines at FLAT 20% Discount!
  2. Up to 70% OFF on Diagnostic Tests
  3. Heavy discounts on Healthcare Products
  4. Medicine reminder services
  5. Refills subscription
  6. Free doctor on call consultation
  7. Digital Prescription
  8. Free Home Delivery

Through a few clicks on their app, PharmEasy, is solving many more medicine-related problems. Because one needs an authentic prescription, they will not be able to buy medication without one – this solves the problem of wrong medicine intake and drug-dependency. Also, with a FLAT 20% discount and numerous online payment methods, customers need not step out from their comfortable homes or offices to purchase medicines.

Just like its name – PharmEasy, i.e., pharmacy made easy, it is changing the way in which healthcare is seen in the country.

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