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Flex Stone Gallery is not your run-of-the-mill design store; its one of its kind home decor studio in Ahmedabad. The studio designs and sells design products that resemble stone/ rock. Flex Stone creates exclusive products (like Ledgestone, inter alia, that is only available at Flex Stone Gallery). Flex Stone studio has a number of prototypes on display and what’s really interesting is that these fantastic pieces are lighter and more durable than actual stone or marble. The cherry on the icing is that takes a third of the time to install against conventional stone work and comes with a lifetime warranty too. Yet another thing to look for is Flex Cement, a unique product of Decorative Stamp Concrete floor, recognized globally, does not only decorates the floor in an never-seen-before way but also strengthens it. Interestingly, the only studio of such kind is in our Ahmedabad – Flex Stone Gallery!

If you are on a tight budget but still desire the grand ambiance of stone/marble structures, Flex Stone Studio is the place for you! The photos speak for themselves.

Address : Flex Stone Gallery, 14-15 Casella Tower, Opp Iscon Temple, Next to Sales India,  SG Rd, Ahmedabad. Contact – Punit Tambi, 91-9376005151

Edited by : Sagar Dave

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