Food Platings that we loved!

Any dish made with great love needs to be served with great love too; And we absolutely love the extra effort that is put into making our food beautiful.
Regardless of the taste, there are only a few handpicked places in Ahmedabad that considers precision in decorating food. Amongst many great ones we pick, the best of the best for you to experience the classiness and elegance in the food.

AMAZO BISTRO, has all dishes sassy, of them - The Masala Paneer Pot Pie and Indian Platter- have a very unique look for a Punjabi/Indian dish. It is served in a wooden pot pan placed on the wooden wide open plate, maintaining enough quantity of the food.

COOKING CULTURE, owns a fancy way of serving their dishes. Their take on 'Mumbai on a Plate' is what defines desi, yet it offers a very unique touch given to the pav. Another signature dish of theirs is the Spinach Cream Cake with Cheese Fondue and Herb Foccacia, that is simply palatable!

L’ATELIER’S Spicy Chilli Cheese Nuggets, has a niche decoration with lovely patterns; wherein the picklings are served beautifully giving it an outstanding look.
Layer Lasagna and Vietnami Rolls at PLATED will make your mouth water by simply looking at their plating. What’s more is their subtle creations slicing the breads, placing them neatly and serving the rolls in shot glasses.

TURQUOISE VILLA, is one more fancy name to the list fancy food decorations. The cute looking Vadapav Sliders, fulfils your urge to eat a little more and eat 'cute' with two tiny Vadapavs instead of one big! Kudos, to their thought.

THAT PLACE, does an exceptional job with making you go - Woooow, about your food. Their Aranchini balls and Satay Chicken Skewers give out quite an interesting look, before you gorge on the same.

Well, with the weekend approaching, you now know where to head down to dig in food, that is indeed - Art! Cheers.

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