Food that everyone love at Cafe Rebus

Cuisines: Italian, Fast Food, Desserts

Filters: Vegetarian Only, Dine-in

Attributes: Cafes, Classy

FOOD FOR ALL ________

Fill in the blank (above), with any of these words and it will be true for this new & the first ever construction themed cafe- Cafe rebus:

Generations, Ages, occasions, relations, days, hours, celebrations, events, moments, reasons, seasons, moods……..

In an ambiance that does not keep you busy but active, Cafe Rebus serves food that does not make you feel full but satiates your hunger!

In a gist, food that we all love.

From Burgers to sandwiches, pastas to coffees they are all here but with a signature - ‘Rebus’ twist!

For example- a normal sandwich here turns into a ‘fully-covered by liquid cheese’ sandwich. And, they call it the Selfie Sandwich! Yes, there is a reason, why is it called so. Try it, and you’ll know. And, you have an amazing sip-along called Peanut butter crunchy coffee!

PEANUT BUTTER CRUNCHY COFFEE! It sounds hard to imagine and figure out how it’d taste, right? You are in for a surprise!

Same holds true for any of the dish you’d try- Two slice burger patty with veggies & cheese slice, Himachali chilli burger, Peri peri cottage cheese focaccia, Hot brownie, Mexican bowl, Rebus veg bowl, Thai curry with basil rice

This is only a trailer to the film that the food of Cafe Rebus is! Further details are coming out soon!

Ground Floor, The Link, Vijay Cross roads | 6357000357
Time: 11 AM to 1AM

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