Foodies Meet at Cafe Where We Meet

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A FOODIES MEET at Cafe Where We Meet after long and boy! Was it fun!
Firstly, A BIG Heartfelt Thank You to all the participants or more aptly put FOODIES for, being a part of it all.

To be a part of the 'OM NOM NOM NOM' COMMUNITY' along-with many more meets, get in touch with us on 9737002255!

Yesterday, while we ate, drank and made merry we were happy to have interacted with the ones who turned for, Hey! Who doesn't like to turn about food, eh?
An Amdavadi Food Trivia! Fooling around! And mainly Eating! That is essentially what it was all about!

While we gear up for one more meet next month, we are more than open to suggestions that you can pen down in the comments down below!
Be it;
-A Pot-luck at our Office (psstt. you get to see it as well)
-A Barbecue at a farm
-A High Tea at a Tea Lounge
-A Street Food Exploration around Town
-A Brunch at your favourite place

With more excitement along-with more goodies laid out, we hope to make this Community BIGGER & BETTER every day! Cheers.

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