FORAM SHAH hosts 'Nine Must Haves' at Traveler's Home

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It is time to stop hopping from store to store, and simply get your entire Navratri ensemble at one hub, as FORAM SHAH hosts a wonder of an exhibition -
 'NINE MUST HAVES'; showcasing all the fashion must haves for Navratri, that takes place on 14th September, between 11 am to 8 pm, 
at Traveler's Home, 
O&N Stores, 
Mondeal Square, 
opp Karnavati Club, 
next to Crowne Plaza Hotel, 
Prahladnagar Turning.
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How do you define Navratri? A festival of dance? Gala evenings? Fun filled nights? While all that is of course there for, our desi girls it is indeed all about decking up with the finest of wear. And scouting the 'finest of wear' indeed takes time. To make sure that you don't hop around, we ask you to bare witness FORAM SHAH's wondrous collection of gorgeous Chaniya Cholis.

And that is not all for, the luxe designer also brings forth a gorgeous range of kurtas for men, in ombre that radiates a contemporary aesthetic. While we need not even get into her fashion fundas for your little kiddos for, they are simply to cute to even give it a second thought. And to add onto it all, even the said wear can be customised.

Top it off with the fact, that FORAM SHAH also offers one of the best solutions when it comes to customising your dress.
Picked out the dress but, it seems tight on the shoulders? Loose on the waist? Uncomfortable all in all? For an extremely hassle free experience; the brand is all about customized wear with a strong focus on the fabric, fit and style, at a price you could simply never imagine.

Talking about the jewelry laid out; AHSIAM showcases an exclusively curated collection of pure silver jewelry that is not only contemporary but also boasts of a lot of ancestral value. The intricate design of each piece of AHSIAM Jewelry is such that it can be styled with Indian as well as Indo-Western dressing.

The brand brings forth timeless beauty of silver jewelry into your wardrobe, one that doesn't fade away with trends and is a joy to wear; and not just for you but, someday for your precious little princess too. The ageless appeal of silver ensures your trinkets are never out of style - today or tomorrow!

Apparels done, paired them with accessories as well. To give one final touch to your wardrobe, FORAM SHAH has also displayed Mojaris hand-crafted by artisans from Rajasthan that indeed gels with whatsoever you may be wearing.

To sum it all in one line - Nine nights, and 'NINE MUST HAVES'! 'nuff said. Cheers.

Contact: 9227215710

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