Forget the delaysintravel due to rain,simply choose Sirftaxi

This monsoon while the chances are high that as always we are stranded at the airport or the station because of heavy rains, why not simply take a taxi and never be bothered about the season trouble! Yes! Coming to your rescue at all times is SirfTaxi
Here with their concept of booking taxi through their mobile application, this time travel the smart way! Offering services like return, drop and local booking options too, Sirftaxi can be booked from Ahmedabad, Baroda Delhi, Mumbai and Rajkot and the destination could be any location around Ahmedabad! 
Another reason why Sirftaxi is one of a kind is because not only does it carry the aim of ensuring a comfortable travel to their clients but at the same time also ensures the safety of nature as well! Yes with every ride you choose Sirftaxi plants a tree from the rider’s side! Carrying an aim of planting 10000 tree from every ride, now didn’t we tell you Sirftaxi is sure unique in multiway possible! 
So be it this summer heat or the heavy pouring monsoon, be rest assured to reach your destination without any delay along with utmost comfort! simply download the application and travel the refreshed way! 
Or simply WhatsApp on: 9879511230
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Tags: Forget the delaysintravel due to rain, simply choose Sirftaxi

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