Fragrant candles by ELLURE, to gift this Rakshabandhan

Rakhshabandhan is just around the corner; and while we all cherish our sister(s) throughout the year, you do need to have one day wherein you shell a bit for her, to make her feel 'special' (Oooooooooo). Well, what is the first thing that pops in your mind as a gift?
Jewellery? Too expensive.
Chocolates? How boring.
Flowers? They rot.
Bringing forth freshness to your cliched gifting options, and freshness to your space; ELLURE brings forth a revolutionary range of assorted scented candles, that, we're sure will lure you and your space by intoxicating aromas.

A scented candle by ELLURE is indeed a gift that would come forth as thought well for, it imitates the scent of love and belonging. A candle can indeed set the mood amazingly if done right; making the entire space poetic with fragrance.

Find an array of beautiful designer candles, catering to all kinds of tastes and preferences of a person. Rakhshabandhan apart, you can indulge in strong musky flavours for men, floral and minty ones for women; while you can also try alluring scents for a perfect romantic night, or some authentic cinnamon ones to liven up your home. The reasons as to why you must get scented candles are limitless. It's tempting, mysterious, stylish and the fact that they're scented is simply enchanting.

Their array of gifting options don't simply end at them fragrances for, ELLURE has laid out an array of products in the form of Urlis, Hurricanes, along-with a Lotus Collection.
So, what is an Urli? Well, to put in simple words it is a 'lamp shade' for a candle, made from wax itself. But, fret not, it won't melt. Illuminating mellow light everytime you light a candle it.
The lotus collection? A gifting range of products enumerating the ever-so-graceful flower in varying sizes; making for an ideal gifting solution altogether.

ELLURE's fragrances indeed bring nature home; evoking the smell of delicate flowers, fresh ocean, juicy citrus, along-with the ever-so-cozy cinnamon amongst many others - thoroughly embodying the joy of every season.
All the fragrances that you will come across are formulated in-house by the proprietor, making them unique in every nature; while also ensuring thorough satisfaction to it's patrons.

In fact, they've got exciting offers lined up for the occasions coming in the near future as well; stay tuned to know more, and we urge you not to miss out on the same. Cheers.

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