Frankie by Mahalaxmi Food wagon

Attributes: Street Food

'F' is for Frankie, which instantly brings up an image of big, fat roll stuffed with veggies, paneer, sauces & what not, designed to be extremely tasty, with every bite comes an explosion of flavour and with the diversity of cuisine that Ahmedabad has to offer, there had to be one joint where you could savour the ditto frankies & voila! We came across a wagon of MAHALAXMI FAST FOOD.

It isn't hard to miss the wagon with 'Frankie.. Frankie.. Frankie..' plastered over the board with hoards of students thronging at the counter. Emotions tend to run high seeing the rush and the amount of time one might have to wait but, it is definitely worth it. Their frankies can be a tad bit spicy but, nothing an average Amdavadi can't handle.

Amongst their wide array of Frankies and literally WIDE, you should try their MAHALAXMI SPECIAL FRANKIE which was surprisingly good to gorge into. The light, flaky exterior along-with the assorted goodness of the filling, make just about enough for a meal. They make a pretty good BARBECUE SPRING FRANKIE as well but, nowhere near the former. The next time your stomach hungers for some street food but, tired of the same ol' vada pavs and dabelis, Mahalaxmi Fast Food 'Frankie' is a one-stop option to easily cater to those pangs. Cheers.

Address: Mahalaxmi Fast Food 'Frankie', opp H.L. College, Commerce Six Roads, Ahmedabad.

Contact: Hemal +91-9408221890

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