FREE SERVICES to partake in at AASHU'S WELLNESS Center

Ànti-Gravity Yoga! Oh no; we are not over our heads when we state the same, rather you will be when you partake in a FREE session at Aashu's Wellness As the firm turns 1; in celebration they are also offering a FREE Express Facial, along-with a FREE Mini Meal for you to be a part of ONLY FOR 1 DAY, all at Dr. K.K. Shah's Bungalow, behind Navrangpura Post Office, Navrangpura.

To REGISTER, call: 7043629009 or whatsapp: 7043619009

In fact, they are also offering FREE dental scaling, body mass index, and also a blood sugar test. While you might be familiar with the other services, we are pretty sure ANTI-GRAVITY YOGA is something new for you.

The benefits of this therapy is the fact that it offers a holistic approach towards overall health and well being of an individual. The classes are best suited for life style diseases like; Diabetes, Obesity, Stress, Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular, Asthma, Constipation, insomnia, Gastritis, Cervical spondilities, Hormonal imbalance, Back Pain, Sciatica, Muscular Stiffness, Sinus, Menstrual and Menopause problems, and auto immune diseases as well.

The institution follows the age old concept of Indus valley civilization of "external and internal beautification"; leading to a three way approach of celebrating the journey called life armed with - Prevention, Awareness and Aesthetification, and targeting the essence of living and not simply existing in day to day life; making it a holistic center for your well being. Cheers.

Address: Dr. K.K. Shah's Bungalow, behind Navrangpura Post Office, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.

Call: 7043629009 | Whatsapp: 7043619009

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