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FRENBERRY: Delivering deliciously healthy Food at your doorstep. Call: 8866045045 or order online:
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With the entirety of the new generation working it's way to make a strong-hold for themselves, there is hardly any time left to tend to oneself; And the last thing one would want is to spend an hour in the kitchen. Pack something en-route home, or get a takeaway from the local Chinese joint, makes for a staple fare.
Well, no need to compromise any more; With a simple aim of serving lip-smacking healthy dishes that not only taste delicious but, actually ensure that your body is getting good food; FRENBERRY brings forth a unique breath of freshness, that we assure you hasn't marked it's presence in the city!

Who says tasty food can't be healthy? And no, we aren't talking about just salads! Be it breakfast, a quick drink, or a proper meal! FRENBERRY serves it all, and much much more, right at your doorstep!
To help you get your hands on some perfectly portioned healthy meals, we have answered our doorbell quite a few times, till the time FRENBERRY thoroughly assured us of it's quality!

Talking about what's up for grabs; You have, quite a lovely array of tangy SALADS! Loaded with lots of fibers and green veggies, that are handpicked, ensuring high nutritional value, while also keeping the taste intact!
What's interesting is their take on PITA WRAPS, that are made from Whole Wheat, fortified with healthy herbs, and stuffed with raw juicy veggies, pulses, and paneer! At par, are their desi delicacies, that will surely satiate your desi cravings, without the touch of ghee or oil!

But, what surely swept us off our feet, was their array of beverages that they had lined up; From their cold pressed NUTRI JUICES, that keeps your nutrition & enzymes intact to nutty MILK SHAKES, prepared to be heart healthy & thrilling; From their PULPY FUEL, a fusion of exotic Fruits, fun & flavours, to their fabulous SMOOTHIES, that are delicious & nutritious - They have it all!

And what makes for a perfect cherry on the cake, is their take on them luscious PARFAITS, that are low fat, protein rich but, ever-so-delicious; Certainly making for the most healthy dessert! 

Guilt-free indulgence, you ask? You know where to order from.

Contact: 8866045045


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