From great starters to desserts, CAFE SCRABBLE has it all!

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Looking for a tucked away place to take respite at? Ahmedabad has heard your pleas. Want to spend quiet evenings plopped on the comfiest of cushions playing monopoly and scrabble while delving into piping hot freshly served food? Ahmedabad has an answer in the form of inimitable Cafe Scrabble​! Yep, you heard it right. We are back here again and mind you, still raving about it. Read on to find out what it is that has us still hooked after all this while.  

A quirky and aptly named excuse for spending hours at a stretch playing games of your childhood and pondering over those lost days gone by; CAFE SCRABBLE is coming to be known as a force to be reckoned with not just because of its games or the spacious ambiance but also because of the food that they whip in their open glass kitchen for you to pamper yourself with. 

This time around, our journey took us on a rollercoaster full of eccentric yet flavoursome dishes as well as beverages and trust me, by the end of it, our table brimming with gorgeous food was nothing short of a marvellous sight to see. Mixed veggies stirred with ample sauce served up in half cut peppers with melted cheese on top, PEPPER POT was the first offering and boy did it impress us! One after the other, the dishes didn’t stop and neither did my mouth stop salivating. 

Some other notable mentions included the subtle yet utterly tasty SPINACH RICE & BARBECUE SAUCE, the proud Italian LASAGNE with 3 beautiful layers and the ever-familiar taste taken up a notch by the chef along with NACHOS GRAND filled up to the brim with baked beans, salsa and cheese. Does one need more to be happy? I think not. Paired with their distinctive LIME & PEACH SHOT or the GRAPE APPLE AND MINT SHOT, the combination is bound to bowl you over! 

Have a sweet tooth? Choose their SWEET CREPES and never look back. Craving something Chocolaty? OREO SHAKE is the answer. Want to gift your valentines a nice little reminder of your mutual love for food? Their packed NIMKI and MILK BUTTER COOKIES have you covered! 

Such an extensive list and jaw dropping prices. When are you going to go here and play a little while waiting for your food to arrive? Roll a dice and take some chances because we promise you, this one won’t disappoint. Cheers! 

Address: Cafe Scrabble, A3, Shivalik Business Center, bh Rajpath Club, Bodakdev
Contact: 8460010108

Tags: From great starters to desserts, CAFE SCRABBLE has it all!

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