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Fuchsia – It’s a place where you have the liberty to decide what kind of gift you want them to create. As the tag line aptly says “U decide I create.”

The idea started with creating gifts for friends on their birthdays. And when Priyanka Thakkar realized the eagerness with which her friends used to wait for her gifts, she thought of converting her hobby into profession and this is how Fuchsia was born.

Fuchsia’s handmade and hand crafted stuffs can be gifted on any occasion –wedding, baby showers, birthdays or just like that. After all nothing is better than to receive a nice personalized gift from the people we love. She finds little things around her and converts them into amazing ideas – like the small chai glasses converted into candles or the little hand painted funky kettle which you can place on your kitchen counter or work table to add that little spunk to your living space.

We all know that Shravan month is approaching, so how about a hand painted personalized poker box. You can also order customized playing cards with photos of your choice on it. The one thing which we loved was the little piggy bank called “Do not open- shopping fund”. It can be such a cool gift for your shopaholic friends (or may be for yourself – we all need one, right?)

The average price of her collection is around 600 bucks. So choosing that perfect made to order gift won’t pinch your wallet much.

A6 Maharaja Palace, University Road,
Vijay cross roads, Navrangpura. Ahmedabad 38000
Contact: (M) 098 79 761618

Contributed by: Vidhi Bhimani Shah

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