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What happens when a dumb director meets even dumber actors? Scroll down for answers…










Nothing. For those who still searching the answers let me remind you “The only difference between Intelligence and Idiots is that Intelligence has some limits” Fugli is the lowest that can fall in terms of movie making.  There is no plot in the movie. The story or should I say the camera revolves around four friends and their stupid life. Parties, Girls, night outs, booze, lawlessness and any other thing that you think is futile are the center point of the movie.

Let me not even write about the plot as it would be a sin to make you even read about it. I sincerely request all you reading not to even think about this movie. Seeing this movie is a greater sin, for it would mean that you have not valued the intelligence given to you by the almighty.

This is a classic example of how one man’s stupidity can overpower the intelligence of many. So friends, unless you have a wish list that states “Self Suffering” don’t go for this movie.

The only high point about the movie is the loo break.  So drink loads of water before you go to watch this movie, may be this way you will find an excuse to run away from the torture. 

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