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Get your hair a pouted face!

One peculiar thing about a girl (among other) : they really care the way they look; and how their hair look matters most!
Apart from the hair-do, its the hair accessories that brings charm to the look. Funky Access by Birva Shah has just the right cute stuff for your hair.

We all (girls) use hair bands, pins or bow bands. Funky Access ‘funkyizes’ a simple hair accessory converting it to a beautiful piece of art, ensuring the utility or quality is not compromised with. Their collection is set as per the latest trends. Hair bands and pins are accessorized with flowers, faces, masks, mustaches face pout etc. Or even better, what if you have a nice peacock feather as your hair accessory?

In short, Funky access will really make you feel a class apart.

With Navratri just around the corner, and now that you must have already bought Chaniya choli, get your hair a beautiful pin with peacock feather!

Or, you can get hairbands or pics with those cute faces, mustaches or pout faces to wear with your party wear.

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