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There are undoubtedly some amazing jewellry designers in Ahmedabad, but find out why Gazal Kothari tops our list!

A passionately inspired Accessory Designer since childhood, Gazal Kothari is a NIFT graduate in Jewelry Designing and an avid entrepreneur in her own creative way. Gazal, a niche jeweler says, “it was during my internship in Mumbai, that I realized – instead of giving inputs to a company, why not use them for developing my own”. 

She started with Indonesia where she discovered semi precious stones, and started developing small designs in them. It was in no time, that she made a huge range of designs and an adored array of accessories.

Gazal has showed her expertise with her recently developed ‘Pearl Story Collection’, where has created designs in a very unique style. She has played with the patterns, space and forms in her creations. Pearls she believes is versatile and can be paired with any outfit for any occasion. She understands the amalgamation of the richly plated gold on a product with beautiful pearly placements like no one else. Her collections adhere to open spaces and create a see through silhouette. The textures are kept minimal to bring out the subtlety while rich and statement making touches are given elegantly. As she explains, this story collection is meant for all- a statement making personality, a simple yet classy individual and a bold figure. The collection is a classic design inspired from – young age maze games, pendulums, discs and vintage moulds.

As well as she works on pearls with gold plating, she does an even better job with matt silver and white. Gazal as she emotionally explains of her collection “I’ve always been fascinated by silver jewelry from Amrapali, considering that I wanted to create a simple, classy, contemporary yet a kind never experienced before”. She played it right with words, taking “Japanese Cherry Blossom” as an inspiration she developed a collection super elite. Gazal explains that she does not like her jewelry plain, flat and simple, thus, she created 3D designs very delicate and intricately designed. She has given deep importance to highlight on the layers of petals and the buds in a flower. She has created danglers, studs, tassels, rings with matt texture finish to give a rich and convincing look.

Apart this, Gazal does an excellent job with semi precious stones- making them look statement, fancy and colourful.
Gazal Kothari’s designs have that unique taste and rich finish adored by one and all and what's cherry on the cake are the affordable prices for each distinctively worked piece.

Gazal Kothari: +91-8866102341


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