Gear up for Sassy Salsa Soirees

How have your evenings with your partner been? Lump? Frustrating? Dry? Perhaps all you need is some SALSA at the Bridge Water Cafe, 27, Sunrise Park Lane (Lane which takes you from Vastrapur to Himalaya mall).
To register, you can contact: Jayvir on +91-9687674520 or +91-9900897520.
"MELAO" Salsa Social organized by FUROR AHMEDABAD is a premier Salsa experience for all dance lovers in the city. Hosted by BRIDGE WATER RESTAURANT & CAFE, a place that has always been known for their unique ambiance & great food and yet again, they have made a mark in the city by joining with Furor Ahmedabad and starting a Salsa Social every alternate Friday evening in their lounge. This is an 'Open-for-all' Salsa social in Ahmedabad which is attended and enjoyed by not only Amdavadis, but also by foreign nationals from countries like Japan, Taiwan, China, UK, US & Israel.
And what better occassion to partake in some sauciness than in celebration of the 'International Dance Day'! Worried that you have 2 left feet and could never imagine yourself flowing in sync with your partner? Don't! Furor is here to make you dance with their fantastic Salsa & other Latin dance lessons.
-Level 1 classes for Salsa that cater to people who want to learn Salsa. If you've never danced before in your life, this is the level for you. If you have prior dance experience, this level introduces the basics of Salsa & Latin dances in a systematic way.
-Levels 2, 3 & 4 are intermediate and advanced levels that will turn a dancer from a beginner to a star performer.
Your evening at MELAO will start with a dance workshop on a new dance form every time by Jayvir Mehta of Furor Ahmedabad. Some examples of dance forms that have been taught at Melao so far are Pachanga, Bachata, Merengue, Country Line Dance, Rueda de Casino & Jive. This will be followed by an evening of fantastic authentic Latin dance music that covers genres like Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha & Merengue.
The entire purpose of holding a Salsa social is to bring together people from different backgrounds and create a closely knit community based on love of Salsa! The social benefits, for both men and women, are second to none. If you're single - it's simply the single greatest way on earth to meet your potential life partner. In a relationship? Married? Salsa is the single greatest strengthening thing you can do for your relationship! A couple that dances together, stays together. And yes, it can absolutely re-ignite flagging passions, rekindle lost romance, and make you both insatiable and as for the one who are busting their behinds at the gym, the workshop will also give you a workout. You'll get in great shape, increasing coordination and flexibility, and you will LOSE WEIGHT! Another great thing about a Salsa social is that age is no bar here for one to have fun and get in a better shape - physically as well as emotionally.
MELAO Salsa social is hosted by Furor every fortnight on Friday evenings at Bridge Water Cafe. Furor is Ahmedabad's first Latin dance school promoting authentic Latin dance & music by organizing classes & events around dance forms like Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Jive & Cha Cha. 
Whether or not you are in a relationship; Whether you have two left feet; The sauciness of Salsa can surely spruce up your life. Cheers.
To register, you can contact: Jayvir on +91-9687674520 or +91-9900897520
Address: Bridge Water Cafe, 27, Sunrise Park Lane (Lane which takes you from Vastrapur to Himalaya mall), Next to ADC Bank, Vastrapur.
For, more details on Furor you can also go onto: or follow them on Facebook at
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