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Boost your sales by not expanding the size of your shop, but by marking your presence at every possible home of your customers; This season be smart and go mobile with
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How amazed are you by the way we’ve altered our shopping habits.? As a customer, doesn’t the thought of shopping through your mobile intrude your mind every day? In India, today every single retailer contemplates pushing the sales through an online medium but fails to pull it off due to lack of resources or no connectivity to carry the same. This season, ohoshop gives all the retailers, their much awaited upgrade to go mobile with a free trial of a month, doesn’t that sound a big expansion opportunity? 

Smart and specifically digital customers chose convenience over any form of exertive activity, what else could have been expected from the age where time is the biggest issue we certainly have to go through in everyday life, while side by side the pace with which digitalization has now taken over our phones is another example of the same notion that convenience is the key and any form of business who fails to embrace the change of providing convenience is destined to fail; Our retailers are the only business people who fail to embrace change, but not anymore.

Ohoshop is an easy platform to turn your business digital, be it a fashion house or a grocery centre, Ohoshop helps everyone to go digital.

Ohoshop innovatively swing your business to mobile commerce platform, wherein, your customer can place you an order right through their respective mobile, ohoshop entails IOS and android app for your business. Moreover, Ohoshop makes your app business even easier by its various services: it markets your app via SMS and push notification, it maintains inventory and catalogues, accepts orders and payments and also manages the deliveries.

It’s a sure shot sale booster and will also get you the extra cut to retain your business through the highly competitive digitalized world. So, the contemplating period rightly comes to an end, visit to avail benefits.

Contact: 079-66630252

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