Get an Unlimited Variety in Workouts with Vario.Fitness

How often have you quit a fitness activity simply because it got too monotonous and boring? Kantaado aave chhe!  Result? Well, need we say so?
Imagine how cool would it be if you could - Workout at a gym today, Workout at another gym tomorrow, KickBox the day after, practice Yoga the next day, go Zumba the day after that - Aaalll at places that YOU choose, under ONE monthly subscription package?
Haha, we are definitely not messing with you, nor have we gone retarded for, we came across a platform in the form of that lets you do the very same, offering an experience like no other.

To help you about, let us explain their functionality; works in an extremely simple way;

They have enlisted hoards of Gyms and Fitness classes around you, wherein you can see them on a map, view their pictures, read their reviews by other users and also come across their schedule.

See which of your friends are going to which classes and book a session with them or heck! You can even get them to join you. The best part, you can book up to 45 mins before the class, but after booking you can cancel or change the same 12 hours in advance.

Browsing - Done; Booking - Done; What more?
Sweat it out!
(pssssttt... You could also Rate & Review your workout and instructor after your class, helping customers like yourselves along-with the gym & instructor with your genuine feedback.)

This literal wonder of a portal provides you access to UNLIMITED Group Fitness Classes and gyms with just one monthly membership fee of Rs 1999, which is currently available for a limited time at 50% off for Rs. 999/- only!

More so, to make it even more handy for you all they also have come up with an Android App that you can download right here: making your bookings extremely easy while you are on the go.

You can now say goodbye to monotony in workouts - Select a class. Select a time. And simply make you way down as many times as you want. Cheers.

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