Get away this weekend to 100 ACRES CLUB RESORT

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The rains call for a worthy break with your friends and family; and 100 ACRES CLUB RESORT is indeed the place to be at. In fact, the luxe hub offers the option of weekend homes, wherein the rooms laid out at the resort are synonymous with luxury.
Placed on the Sanand-Nalsarovar Road, the recreational hub calls for you to lose yourselves in their magnificent views, that carry the fragrance of primordial freshness.
To inquire, call: 079-26858780 | 8140288866

We all know that one cant do with the luxury of technology in the 21st century but, the short drive from Ahmedabad to 100 ACRES CLUB RESORT transports you into a realm of radiant greens and enlivening blues.
Spread over 100 acres of lush, green property wherein you can hear them birds chirping, while the fragrance of flower enumerates you, and the gusts of breeze uplifts your spirits.

Another reason that makes 100 ACRES CLUB RESORT an absolute must-visit is the delectable food served here for, from the time you step in you will be served with a Welcome Drink, followed by a scrumptious set meal as per your plan.

The resort has been designed for the best in class amenities, wherein you get to partake in their widespread array of indoor and outdoor sports. Add onto that their lush, green lawn, for big group activities; along-with the availability of their discotheque (as per club timings and policy), and you are in for a wonder of an affair.

A destination where you can get lost!
A destination where you can elevate your soul!
A destination where you can put your mind to rest!
A destination where you can leave the chaos behind!
Pinch yourselves awake for, this isn't a dream. Believe us when we tell you that it is indeed a wonder of a destination to partake in a day full of fun with your family and friends! Cheers.

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