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With summer breaks in college and schools, the students are busy at their internships the whole day and hence spend nights in front of their laptops watching their favourite series. What do you when hunger strikes at that odd hour? Have a wide array of delicacies from ‘Hoggeterians’, at a 20% discount till 30th June, simply call on +91- 99989 86888 and enjoy!

The recently opened Midnight Food Delivery – Hoggeterians serves you right from 8pm to 4 am following the ‘No Doorbell Policy’. The staff is courteous, they will suggest you new dishes and guide you with what would be best among all. Good packaging and the delivery reaches your home within 45 minutes along with free delivery in Navrangpura area.

Here are few dishes recommended:

1.        Fried Mozzarella Grilled Cheese

To all the foodies out there, who lovean overload of cheese, this is one dish you must have. This dish tops their charts. A slice of mozzarella cheese deep fried to crispiness with a toppinng of tangy sauce adds to its deliciousness.

2.        Raspberry and Chocolate Shake

With the weather playing hide and seek with us, a cold shake is bound to give us refreshment. A thick shake with a mixture of raspberry and chocolate gives you just the right amount of relaxation.

3.        Enchiladas

This one dish, which available and overly famous on our palates are sure to compliment out late night hunger fun time! 

4.        Garlic Cheese Bombs

Move out of the common garlic and cheese combination of the garlic bread. With cheese oozing out with a subtle taste of garlic, this dish surprised us to its core!

5.        Hot Pepper Pizza

A crispy pizza layer topped with bell peppers and jalapenos. Not meant for the weak heart, but a must try for every spice lover, don’t forget to order this next time!  

6.        Hoggeterians Special Burger

A thick patty and loaded with lots of onions, tomato and lettuce along with chips, is one fast food everyone will enjoy! Mayonnaise just seals the deal!

So with this new and a must try place, make your weekend fun filled with these irresistible dishes with the 20% discount and add some fun to your late night party or binge series watching!

To order simply call on +91- 99989 86888

To know more visit:

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