Get Food-Cutlery for Parties delivered by Vinayak Caterers

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Gone are the days, when Parties / Get-togethers were about the males expert commenting on Politics, and the ladies tirelessly working in the kitchen, preparing food.

ENTER- Vinayak Caterers | 90991 06089

For the first time ever, we’ve got complete Food Services (including cutlery) for you, just a call away!

Let the parties be about parties only! Hassle free!

You life becomes so, sorted that you do not even need to use your utensils / plates!

From salads to sweets, everything is made to perfection, packed neatly and delivered to you, wherever you are!

Having a home party for your loved ones, or that party of colleagues at a Farm house? Whatever be your occasion, there is no one in Ahmedabad who would cater to your food worries when it comes to a private gathering.

Call: 9099106089 / 7405325475

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