Ghanchakkar Movie Review

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Ghanchakkar Movie Review

What looked like a master blaster story line, turned out to be, well, ghanchakkar storyline.

The screenplay of movie is gripping in the beginning and you stay awake on your seat waiting for the ‘next’. But then it loses its charm, gradually, as it moves further. But at the same time, though you may shift your bottom a little from the seat but you would not leave it till the end.

Rajkumar, the man who directed great movies like Aamir & No One Killed Jessica, tries his hard but leaves a couple of loopholes. Emraan puts his best foot forward with his acting skills; Vidya is again at her best though her role is not as intriguing as that in Dirty Picture, Kahaani etc. You can’t ignore Rajesh Sharma & Namit Das.

The story revolves around Emraan and his loud & ‘naughty’ wife Vidya. Emraan robs a bank with Rajesh & Namit. After the robbery, Emraan is enthrusted with the job of keeping the money safe till they meet after 3 months to share the money. They meet after 3 months but things have changed … Emraan has lost his memory! Now what? Hit the theatre to know that.

No, you cannot say anything wrong about anybody’s acting skills. They all are brilliant. What is wrong is the way the story flows towards you but takes a separate lane before hitting you. You keep waiting and you wait till end – you don’t leave your seat thinking the ‘twist’ will come now but alas! There are scenes & dialogues you cannot afford to miss, specially the ‘dinner-time’ scenes. Music is ok.

Go watch, if at all, only for the performances. Beware the ending may disappoint you a bit.

Overall rating 2.5 / 5 stars.

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