Gift Doodle Goodies to Your Loved Ones this Season!

Wondering what to gift your crazy sister who’s always up for pranking you, or to a friend who never fails to bring a smile on your face even when the days are gloomy? Whether to gift this or that in this chaos of options we’ve got something really trendy and creative for you all.

 Doodliii, a brand curated by Zainab shethwala she makes everything come alive by her creative and funky doodles, from customized handmade envelopes, bookmarks, greeting cards, books and what not the list can go on and on and she makes them all.

For those of us who are a little less aware about doodles or doodling here is a brief about the same ,Doodles or Doodling is a great way of expressing ones ideas, thoughts, experiences or for the matter of fact even feelings in a very creative way, it’s a combination of classic expressive illustrations and funky doodles, its an art which comes straight from heart.

So, guys what are you waiting for this season gift your loved ones a gift that they’ll treasure forever , make them feel special by gifting them customized articles from Doodliii.

For orders and inquiry visit their page on Instagram -

Author Credit: Adiba Syed

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