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Kids these days are glued on to their little screens for all eternity, aren’t they? Don’t you just wish that they too could go out and play with innumerable toys, just like you did in your childhood? Now we know that it’s just easier to have one gadget with all games on it as toys nowadays are getting too expensive but worry not! 

Your messiah in disguise, Toy Mahal​ is here with their inimitable concept of TOY RENTALS; an end to end solution for your child’s holistic development away from the worldly gadgets and without burning a hole in your pocket as well. 

What is TOY MAHAL you ask? Imagine them as a year-round Santa Claus that comes every week bearing new gifts and there you have it. It’s a city version of Charlie and the chocolate factory but with toys instead. Housing a wide range of the finest, safest and the most fascinating toys around town along with a huge array of books and some distinctive items like a baby car, a tent, a slide and even a pool table up for rent from the comfort of your home; TOY MAHAL is here to ensure that your child has the right toy for their developmental stage without the backside cost of buying them.

Novel, unique and amazing; their entire concept is based on the observation that most of us parents spend money on toys that can only be used for a limited period of time, after which you have to buy some more and this is a cyclical process that goes on all year long! Precisely why TOY MAHAL gives you easy access to the best of toys suitable for every age without having the need to buy them. All you have to do is go to the website, select a plan, choose a toy and submit the request. The toy will be delivered to your doorstep and picked up when the duration is over. It’s that easy! 

Remove unnecessary clutter at your home, just rent out toys every 15 days or 1 month and be rest assured that your child will learn everything from motor skills, social skills, communication and much more through these affordable beauties. As a parent, we understand you need for hygienic products don’t fret because TOY MAHAL pays utmost attention on cleanliness and safety because they also want only the best for your baby. 

So, go on! Choose the more economical way of life. Don’t waste materials, fuel and money. Put away those resources to a better use and choose TOY MAHAL. Get a new toy every 15 days and gift some happiness to your kid; time and again! 


Address:: J 242, Sumel business park 6, Safal, near dudheswar bridge, dudheshwar, Ahmedabad
Contact: 8511129995 / 8511129994

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