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If you see Gippi’s trailer you tend to feel it’s a cute and simple movie. And yes, the guess hasn’t gone wrong. Gippi is everyone’s story – many of us go through a confusing, complex and sometimes challenging phase that’s between teens and adulthood. GIPPI talks to every parent, every child, generally, at that age; don’t know how to deal with situations and challenges that life throws at them. The feeling of insecurity, anxiety that one experiences during those years is nicely captured in the film.
However, the charm, cuteness, the emotion is not coming out strongly from the movie. The attempt, storyline, acting, screenplay is beautifully done but the lady director is not able to give you that ‘feel’ or moments where everyone feels like ‘I went through this’….
All in all, GIPPI won’t bore you but at the same time it won’t entertain you to the fullest.

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