Give your taste buds a guilt-free indulgence

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For all you sweet tooth’s it’s time to have some sinful indulgence into the world of sweets! Dayzerts located at S.G Highway is here with their never ending variety of desserts.

Their menu is something which we know you may have never come across. Set your saliva glands to active because you will not be able to get yourself away from the large variety of Waffles that they have to offer. This without second thought is one of the finest tasting waffles in Ahmedabad. Baked right when you order they are sure to leave you in amazement. From plain chocolate to the Nutella they have all the flavours to offer. Served alongside freshly cut bananas and strawberry syrup your stomach is going keep asking for more!

If you are a fan of the English pancakes which are so soft and fluffy that they break as soon as you put a knife to, well be amazed! The chocolate pancakes served with caramel sauce are just perfect to give you the feeling of the English breakfast even if you are having it as a dessert.

Ever heard of Pan Shot? Wondering what it is? It is without doubt going to make your taste buds cringe with the unique choice of flavours. Mixed with ice cream and whipped cream the flavour of Pan just gets enhanced. A different way to have that pan flavour in your mouth!

All you Oreo lovers who love the all-time favourite Cookie and Cream shake this is a place for you too! Come experience the thick flavour of crunchy Oreo in every sip!

So give your sweet glands a different way to satisfy their hunger with the large variety of desserts, Dayzerts has to offer.  

Location: 5-6, GF, Below PAKWAN dining Hall, S.G Highway, Ahmedabad.   


Phone: 09574418563

Tags: Give your taste buds a guilt-free indulgence

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