Glorious offer for the Weekday Traveller at 100 ACRES

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Can’t wait for the weekends to take a break and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Head out to the 100 ACRES CLUB RESORT today itself because they now have a special weekday offer where in you can avail their rooms for only Rs.2500/- along with complimentary breakfast. 
To inquire, call: 079-26858780 | 8140288866

This is an exclusive offer  not valid on holidays or on festival days., Yet it’s the perfect day getaway from Ahmedabad for all the too tightly  scheduled work force. The 100 ACRES CLUB RESORT aptly named as it is spread over 100 acres; is located on the Sanand-Nalsarovar Road, a short drive from Ahmedabad and is the one-stop-hub to meet the demands of our bodies’ spiritual and physical happiness.  

The verdant property radiates tranquillity and will get rid of your weekday blues in a jiffy. Listen to the never ending  birds' chirp and stroll in the aroma emanating from the beautiful flowers around you to rejuvenate and take respite from the urban monotony . Not only does the resort radiate sumptuousness but their rooms are amongst one of the most comfortable and snug rooms in the city; wherein you can experience its  lavish luxury and pampering your taste buds too. Add onto that their delicious welcome drinks and the delicacies - as per your scrumptious set meal plan, and one cannot  ask for more.

Besides the plush stay and the delicious food, the resort offers the best amenities including their swimming pool, large green lawn for group activities along-with the availability of their discotheque (at stipulated hours) and a hoard of other indoor and outdoor sports to guarantee that you are all set for a dream day. 

Whether you’re looking forward to spending an entire day lazing around in the lap of nature getting lost and leaving the chaos temporarily or want to spend some quality time with your friends and family without waiting for the weekend, the 100 ACRES CLUB RESORT is an irresistable destination! It’s a home where the mind relaxes, body revitalizes and the soul sparkles.  It is just like a dream, and could be even better. I’m going right now! See you there!

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